From Janitor to Multi-Millionaire
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About the book:

In 1969, a young man of 21 years of age returned from serving a mission to Southern Brazil for the Mormon Church. Less than one year later he found himself broke, married, a father of a newborn daughter, attending college and working the graveyard shift as a janitor for Alpha Beta Markets in La Habra, California at the rate of $1.45 per hour. It became obvious to him that current college graduates were not receiving a great opportunity in the job market, and he questioned remaining in College. He was approached by a friend who invited him to go to work as a real estate agent. This proved to be the perfect opportunity in the perfect location at the perfect time. This book will detail the methods used by this individual to literally go from a Janitor to a Multimillionaire in less than 10 years. This book will detail the events in this journey one by one, and give the reader a clear understanding of methods to truly create wealth in this country.

This book is different than most books on real estate or investing since it does not discuss concepts but actual processes used by this individual in creating wealth. It will be explained how this individual started with no money and learned the methods of creative financing. It will also explain formulas to allow the reader to retire in as little as 20 years without being involved in real estate full-time. It will also detail the importance of learning the income tax code and how to legally avoid paying income taxes. The IRS is the worst partner that any investor could ever have and the author will explain in detail how to minimize or eliminate all income taxes, as well as detail how he BEAT the IRS in the two audits he has been involved in. Included in the Book are Letters of Apology from the IRS. All facets of real estate will be discussed in this book from brokerage to management to construction of homes, to development to lending to rehabbing.

Although the author became a Multimillionaire in the decade of the 1970s, this third edition will also present a bonus Chapter, number 13. After being retired for nearly 30 years and giving seminars for several years, the author was challenged as to whether this same result could be accomplished in the current economy. In 2008 the author decided to accept this challenge and show it could be done once again. With no previous experience in the State he chose, this author was able to accept a challenge of purchasing and closing one home per day for one month. The last chapter in this book will explain that adventure and detail the methods the author used in this challenge and the full results.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Richard Michael Weese, an amazing real estate investor, who has proven over and over again that an investor may create wealth no matter what the economy and no matter the location or decade.